BBAT Ballina Byron Airport Transfers – FAQ

BBAT provides a door to door pick-up service for airport transfers and private bus charters.

Our service is the fastest route to your destination – you get the bus to yourselves without additional stops for other passengers.

Read through our FAQ and book your airport transfer or charter bus service today! Ph 0481 553 081

Do I need to pre book?

Yes, our services need to be pre booked online through our website booking system.

Do you accept last minute bookings?

Yes, last minute bookings are accepted by phone only and would be subject to availability with cash payment.

Are your prices cheap?

Our prices are very competitive and quite often work out cheaper than a slow shared shuttle.

Will you pick me up from my door?

Yes, our service is a door to door pick up service.

How much luggage can I take?

Each passenger is allowed 1 x check in suitcase and 1 x small carry on luggage. If you intend on travelling with extra luggage this needs to be declared at the time of booking to allow availability of space and to avoid extra charges. If a bigger group booking has an abundant of extra luggage there may be extra charges for the supply of a larger luggage trailer but will do our best to accommodate economicaly.

Do you carry surfboards?

Yes, we do carry surfboards. The number of surfboards and length must all be declared at the time of booking when completing the booking form to ensure the availability of space to carry. Undeclared surfboards will incur extra charges or may be refused subject to unavailable room to transport but will always do our best to accommodate.

Passengers carrying surfboards need to supply their own straps and are required to be attached by the passengers at their own risk. Ballina Byron Airport Transfers accepts no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen surfboards. Shorter boards will fit inside the luggage trailer or bus if suitable.

Where do you pick up from at the Airports?

At Ballina Byron Gateway Airport we pick up from The Meeting Place. The Meeting Place is to the right immediately after exiting the terminal building from the luggage carousel area. There is a blue and white sign saying The Meeting Place. The bus driver will call you and pick you up from there once all passengers are all present with their luggage.

At Gold Coast Coolangatta Airport we pick up from The Transit Centre bus rotunda at the most northern end of the terminal building. The driver will call you and pick you up from there once all passengers are present with their luggage.

At Brisbane Airport your airport transfer driver will call you once your flight has landed to arrange a meeting point and to help you with your luggage and boarding the bus. Once landed be sure to have your mobile phone switched on with the flight mode switched off.

How much time should I allow to get to the Airport?

The Ballina Byron Gateway Airport to or from Byron Bay will take 25 to 30 minutes without road works or traffic delays.

The Gold Coast Coolangatta Airport to or from Byron Bay will take 45 to 55 minutes without road works or traffic delays.

Brisbane Airport to or from Byron Bay will take 90 minutes without traffic or roadworks but often there are big traffic delays so we recommend you allow 3 to 4 hours for peace of mind.

How much does a transfer cost?

Pricing varies depending on the pick up and drop off locations as well as the amount of passengers traveling together in the group.

Please call 0481553081 for all pricing details or fill out the Booking Enquiry Form for a Quick Return Quote.

Why should I book a Private Transfer or Private Shuttle (Both the same)

Because it is the quickest way to get to your destination in private and on time. Quite often it also works out cheaper per passenger than a slow shared shuttle travelling with strangers. A shared shuttle bus has to drop individual passengers off to lots of different locations taking a lot longer to get to your destination.

Do your vehicles have seat belts?

All of are vehicles are seat belt equipped.

Are all of your services Private Transfers, Private shuttles, Private Hire or Private Charter Services?

Yes, to all of the above.

If you’re looking for a private airport transfer (shuttle bus) to/from Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, Gold Coast Coolangatta Airport or Brisbane Airport, BBAT provides a direct express service.

You get the bus to yourselves, no sharing with strangers and no additional stops!

Our private charter bus hire service will get you to your destination – whether you are heading to a music festival, concert or corporate business event. Our charter bus (mini bus) hire service provides excellent value to transport you and your group.